Formed in February 2019, MARNA works with community groups, puts on events – especially for children and older people, and contributes to much-needed community projects.

We have organised the refurbishment of the old and tired Multi-Sport Games Area (MUGA / skateboard park) at the Mayfield Recreational Association, with the help of materials at cost from Buildbase, many volunteers from Mayfield and the Trent & Dove volunteers. We have also raised all the money needed for an outdoor gym and a brand new children’s playground!

Every year we host a children’s Christmas party with wizard, games and party tea.

Our events have so far raised funds for the playground project, outdoor gym, the Senior Social Club, the Wendy Club, Scouts, Mayfield Recreational Association and Santa’s annual tour around Mayfield.

MARNA: Mayfield Residents Neighbourhood Association



Primula veris – Beautiful wild flower

Allium moly

Pretty yellow flowers in early summer

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Matthiola – Soft pink flowers with a lovely scent

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