MARNA launches an internet plant shop with all proceeds going towards the outdoor gym and playground at the Mayfield Recreational Association.

Variegated Wegeila

We have a selection of lovely cottage garden plants, herbs, vegetables, wild flowers and shrubs. There are also two tree saplings which were grown by the children in Henry Prince School Gardening Club.

yellow loosestrife
Yellow Loosestrife

We deliver for free around Mayfield (including Upper Mayfield, Church Mayfield, Wallash and Middle Mayfield). You can pay on-line by Paypal / credit card or cash on delivery. When social distancing rules ease plants can also be collected from Upper Mayfield with cash payment.


Plants are grown according to organic principles and are in a variety of pot sizes from 13 to 24 cm diameter. Most plants are £3 or four for £10. All pots are donated so we can’t guarantee what size pot you will get but it will be as large as possible.


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